Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Material Girl

Hi dolls,

last year, I made the resolution to shop less. I didn't want to restrict myself to no shopping at all, there were some exceptions allowed. Despite that, I still broke my resolution a few times, but not too often, so it's still ok. It was a good experience, as I asked myself more often; do I really need this? The answer was usually no. In the end, I didn't spend less money, but instead of cheaply-made fashion I invested more in travelling, tattoos and concerts, and that's certainly a big improvement!

I really hope to keep this trend going in the future, but despite all efforts, I still love to shop, which already resulted in several purchases I made this year. Hooray for shopping haul posts! (^_^)

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, limited edition for The Franklin Library, published 1979, illustrated by Herbert Trauss.
Probably the most expensive book I own (except for art and text books), but when I saw this treasure on ebay, I just couldn't resist.

Bound in leather, with gilt edging and gorgeous illustrations - the bibliophiles amongst you will definitively understand.

If you're less attracted by the beauty of books, it's still a great novel. Especially if you wear Lolita fashion, you should know it, not because it shares anything with it except for the name, but because many people still associate the fashion with the idea of the nymphomaniac nymphettes.
Also, it's kind of a classic and therefore should be part of general knowledge anyways.


Novala Takemoto - Kamikaze Girls.
I already own the paperback, but I definitvely wanted a hardback copy, simply because it's pretty, again. The book-jacket is super adorable, and if you remove it, the sophisticated black spine appears... asthetically perfect for the ultimate Lolita (talking about the fashion here again!) manifesto, right?

I already wrote about my trip to the Leipzig Bookfair, but not about the purchases I made there. I was especially smitten by the artist section in the manga/comic hall, that's where I found these treasures:

I already showed you the jellyfish necklace from caffecupcake, but it's so adorable, so here it is again!

Love - Der Fuchs by Fédéric Brrémaud and Federico Bertolucci.
There was a selection of comics of this series featuring all kinds of animals, but I fell in love with the fox story. There's no text in it at all, but the drawing and colours are so amazing!

Madeleine by Antonia Mahlke.
It's so cool how many of these talented artist that exhibitioned their work had little booklets and mangas printed, and I really like to support indie artists, they put so much time and effort in their work, but it's really hard to get recognition.
I fell in love with this booklet, it's again a story without text (I see a pattern here... but I love how pictures can tell a story, and sometimes a bad dialogue ruins all the art).

Box of dreams.
55 members of the "Milk&Chocolate" circle on Animexx contributed to this book with an illustration under the theme "dreams". It's an amazing collection!

Furthermore, I did some online shopping... I really like getting parcels in the mail, it's like you make a gift to yourself, since you have to wait for it to arrive (*.*)

Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 54

Oak Tree Farm boots (I wore them on the last meet-up)

Laced bootees by Tamaris in bordeaux

Sewing patterns from Truly Victorian - my plans for the summer break are already settled!
2 swearshirts from Lookhuman. Stock photos because the actual sweater are in the laundry

Seems like a lot, I know, but hey, after all that's from the last 3 months!
What about you, do you shop often? What are your favourite purchases so far this year?

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Book Challenge March

Hi cuties,

I'm a bit late with the update on the reading challenge for the month of March, but never late than never, right?

Uni got serious in March, so I didn't really got to read a lot of books (-.-)

Mark Ryden - Pinxit (English/French/German, 360p.)

As it's an art book, it can't really be counted as "reading". Despite that, it offers a beautiful overview of Mark Ryden's main works until now, and every collection is accompanied by an essay from a friend of Ryden, so there's still something to read. It offers a little insight into the work and life of this amazing artist, and I especially enjoyed the detail shots of his art; so much detail, it's breathtaking. I find his art extremely inspiring and I'd love to let it print on fabric and make dresses out of it! (^.^)

Neil Gaiman - The Sleeper and the Spindle (Illustrated by Chris Ridell, English, 66p.)

What happens, if Snow White sets off to rescue Sleeping Beauty, accompanied by three dwarfs and pursuited by sleeping zombies? The answer was quite surprising for me, and while I liked the plot twist, I'm not sure if I agree with the ending... of course it's important to be true to yourself and to follow your dreams, but you should still take your responsibilities seriously, no? Well, my opinion might be unpopular, and you'll have to read it yourself to decide (^.-). It's definitively worth reading, Neil Gaimans writing never ceases to  fascinate me!

Aristoteles - Poetik (Greek/German, 181p.)

- A book more than 100 years old

Although this edition was published by reclam just recently, the book itself was definitively written more than 100 years ago, so I'll just count that point (^.^). I had to read it for uni (more about that right below), and if you're interested in literature, it's surely a good reference.

And just like that, March was already over! I didn't really make a lot of progress on the challenge, unfortunately, and I hope I'll catch up soon...

Now, as mentioned above, a word about my studies. Some of you know that until recently, I studied business and economics. However, it became less and less what I had expected and started to make me quite unhappy, so I knew I had to make a change. I'm very lucky that my parents agreed to let me change my subject of study without finishing the other one first (which probably wouldn't have happened anyways), so this winter I changed to German literature and Media studies instead. I'm so glad I did this, as I'm much happier and way more interested in my studies now!

So for my new classes, I needed some new books too, obviously:

We don't have to read all of them, from certain ones we just read extracts or single chapters, and of course we read a lot of essays and texts that we get directly from the professors. I just wanted to post this here too, in order of completion.

Freitag, 3. April 2015

Third Time's a Charm

 Hi my lovely Easter-bunnies,

I hope you're enjoying the holidays! (^_^)
I have some outfits to share with you:

Earrings: NeverlandJewellery on Etsy
Skirt: handmade by me
Leggings: Ebay
Everything else is thrifted or very old

Jsk & cardi: handmade by me
Blouse: Innocent World
Shoes: Deichmann

Jsk: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardi: handmade by me
Shoes: Deichmann

Montag, 30. März 2015

Inspiration Japan

Hi dolls,

one week ago, we had a Lolita meet-up in Zürich!
We met before noon this time, as we went for brunch at the Café Odeon. The food was amazing, and I think it was a good idea to eat before the meet-up, because otherwise everyone gets hungry halfay through it.

Afterwards, we went to the Kunsthaus to see the exhibition "Monet, Gaugin, Van Gogh... Inspiration Japan"
In front of the museum, Rodins Gates of Hell is displayed. Naturally, we took some photos in front of it (^.^)

Outfit rundwon:
Jsk: Baby the stars shine bright
Cardi, blouse & underskirt: Handmade by me
Boots: Oak Tree Farms

our lovely group!

The exhibition was very inspiring, I personally liked the works of Monet and Degas the best. Eta Carina wrote an interesting post about the exhibition (scroll down for the English translation).

Because the first photos were a bit overexposed, we went to another place after the museum to take some more pictures.

derp (^.^)

I had a really lovely time, I hope the others had too (*.*). I was very happy with my outfit, as I was wearing my new jsk from Btssb: Soirée of the Beginning of my Memories! I've been looking for it since it was released in 2013, and thanks to a friend who sent me a link I could finally purchase it last month, in my preferred style and colourway!

photo by Maya

I bought the dress from a japanese auction site. They wouldn't ship overseas, so I asked for help from Locorocos shipping service. Handling and shipping turned out to be a bit more expensive than I expected, but otherwise everything went super smooth and the dress arrived really fast, so it was totally worth it!

So upon arrival, I had to put a coord together right away (^.^) it's the same I ended up wearing for the meet-up.

Even my new bag from Axes Femme which I bought in Paris matches!

Samstag, 28. März 2015

Underskirt 2.0

Hi Cuties,

in Lolita fashion, underskirts can be very useful. Especially if you like wearing dresses from Japanese brands, because those tend to be a bit short for western Lolitas, and I personally like skirt hems rather longer than shorter (but that's everyones own business how they want to wear their frilly dresses!).

So a while ago, I made an underskirt for my Lolita wardrobe. However, the fabric was really annoying. While beautiful and of great quality, it also wrinkled super fast. Not the best premise for a garment with many many ruffles, as it was a pain to iron it (-.-)

So I made a new one, from chiffon this time!

Over the past few years, I've grown to like chiffon as a material more and more. It's true that it isn't easy to handle, especially for beginners, but once you've learned the kinks to it, it becomes much more agreable. It's so versatile and has a great fall!

For the hem, I used this tulle lace with tiny bows and dots embroidered on it. Isn't it cute?
Well, I thought so too. When I ordered it from etsy, I originally wanted to use it on a design for my own etsy shop, but when it arrived, the quality was kinda disappointing:

Loose threads everywhere! (-.-)
I couldn't possibly use it on something I'd sell, so I took it for this underskirt instead. It's not that obvious if you don't look too close, so I guess it's ok for this skirt...

Freitag, 27. März 2015

Five Years

Today five years ago, I wrote the very first post on this blog. Amazing, isn't it?
One reason why I kept this blog going all this time is because it's like a journal. Not a very personal one, but it still shows how I developped, how my writing, my tastes, my fashion style, my crafting and sewing skills changed (for the better, I hope). My blog is this small space where I can reflect on my adventures and share them with the world, and I'm grateful for that.
Thank you, dear readers, that you're accompanying me on my journey!

Samstag, 21. März 2015

LBM 2015

Hi dolls,

last weekend, I went to Leipzig with my friend Aya to visit the Bookfair! I was very excited, as it was my first time (^.^)
On friday and sunday I wore a cosplay. On friday Doll from Angel Sanctuary, and on sunday we joined some friends of Aya who were doing a YuGiOh sorcerer cosplay group. As I hadn't much time beforehand (we decided rather spontainously to go to Leipzig), I wanted to make something simple and went for the fire sorcerer. Unfortunately, I don't have a single picture of these two outfits, maybe I'll find one later.
On saturday, we wore a matching lolita outfit, as we both have the same dress from Medusa Couture:

Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Medusa Coure
Blouse: Bodyline
Vest: handmade by me
Shoes: Vögele

We met Hel, another lolita from Switzerland. She was wearing an amazing outfit inspired by Hannibal - naturally, we were rather scared of her (^.^)

I had an amazing time at the fair, although it's huuuge and there were a lot of people. I loved to see all the amazing cosplayers, which makes me want to make something super elaborate (but alas! the time, the time). I met some great new people and also did some shopping, of course (^.^). Besides some art books from the artist section (I'll get back to them in another post), I couldn't resist buying this adorable jellyfish necklace from caffecupcake: