Samstag, 21. März 2015

LBM 2015

Hi dolls,

last weekend, I went to Leipzig with my friend Aya to visit the Bookfair! I was very excited, as it was my first time (^.^)
On friday and sunday I wore a cosplay. On friday Doll from Angel Sanctuary, and on sunday we joined some friends of Aya who were doing a YuGiOh sorcerer cosplay group. As I hadn't much time beforehand (we decided rather spontainously to go to Leipzig), I wanted to make something simple and went for the fire sorcerer. Unfortunately, I don't have a single picture of these two outfits, maybe I'll find one later.
On saturday, we wore a matching lolita outfit, as we both have the same dress from Medusa Couture:

Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Medusa Coure
Blouse: Bodyline
Vest: handmade by me
Shoes: Vögele

We met Hel, another lolita from Switzerland. She was wearing an amazing outfit inspired by Hannibal - naturally, we were rather scared of her (^.^)

I had an amazing time at the fair, although it's huuuge and there were a lot of people. I loved to see all the amazing cosplayers, which makes me want to make something super elaborate (but alas! the time, the time). I met some great new people and also did some shopping, of course (^.^). Besides some art books from the artist section (I'll get back to them in another post), I couldn't resist buying this adorable jellyfish necklace from caffecupcake:

Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

Plaid and Subtract

Hi dolls,

the Leipzig Bookfair is coming up and I'll be there for the first time (I'm really looking forward!!), so with preparations and the usual work I have with university and my etsy shop, I have almost no time to spare to sew something for me. This is insofar unfavourable as my personal to-sew-list grows at an alarming rate since I got tons of inspiration at La Vie en Rose... but the only thing you can do about it is taking one thing at a time.

I started with something quick and simple. Maybe you remember this dress I sewed almost 3 years ago (wow, has it really been that long)?

I always loved the fabric; plaid is so versatile. This particular one can be combined with red, black, green, white, offwhite...
But alas! Over time, the dress became too small in the bust area. I sometimes wore it with a vest or cardigan over it, so no one would notice that the zipper didn't close at the top, but that just didn't feel right (-.-)
So as a solution, I made a skirt out of it!

Funny enough, Goldkind did the same to one of her former lolita dresses

I also rehemmed the skirt, so it's a bit shorter now. With the original lenght, there was just too much of it.
And since there was enough fabric left over, I made a matching bow (^_^)

Whenever I have a new garment, I want to wear it as soon as possible, so this was my outfit for school yesterday:

Beret: bought in Paris
Shoes: Tamaris

A note about the beret; it's actually the first I ever bought. I always loved the look on others, but also thought they wouldn't fit me. Lea convinced me otherwise, so I decided to give it a try. Here I wore it for the first time on monday:

Cardigan: Chicorée
Skirt: Rakuten
Shoes: Deichmann
I'm still trying to figure it out, but I like how many possibilities there are. Especially now that I have longer hair and can make various hairstyles! (^_^)

Montag, 9. März 2015

La Vie En Rose

Hey dolls,

so here comes - finally - my report from the amazing weekend I spent in Paris on the occasion of La Vie en Rose, a Lolita convention organized by Street Fashion Europe, the European Lolita community.
I decided to make one post on the whole trip, so it's going to be rather long, I hope you don't mind... (and if you do, you can always just look at the pictures and scroll through the rest (^.-) ).

On friday, 20. February, my partner in crime Lea and I took the TGV to Paris. After arriving, we went to leave our luggage in our hotel in Montmartre (a beautfiul district if it wasn't for all the stairs at the metro station - seriously, if you're there take the elevator!). Then we headed straight back to the city for some shopping at Axes Femme!

My outfit:
Jsk: handmade by me
Bonnet: Medusa Couture

The Axes Femme shop is so pretty! (^.^)

I didn't buy anything yet, but we already saw the first Lolitas, yay! (^_^) We had dinner plans with Lolitas from Austria, Russia and France that night, and on the way there we found this gorgeous carrousel:

unfortunately, it was raining (-.-)

Dinner was lovely, everyone was so nice and looked so pretty! Afterwards, we went to se the musical Le Bal des Vampires. It was so amazing! I especially loved the costumes and the stage setting. Overall, I liked the second half of the musical better, when they actually were in the castle. It was much more gothy :D

Duplica and I were wearing the same bonnet! 

On saturday was the convention! We had GA tickets, so we had enough time to get ready. The con took place at a beautiful hotel, where two large halls were prepared for us. There were a lot of selling booths, a runway with some chairs and a lot of absolutely gorgeous Lolitas. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when confronted with so many people, and I totally forgot to take pictures, but luckily other people were more considering (*_*)

Swiss girls! With Fifi, Nadine and Lea

photo by Punkangel

As you can see, I decided to wear my Pirate Lolita outfit! I got a lot of compliments, especially for the hat, which made me incredibly happy (^_^)
During lunch break, we stepped outside for a bit of fresh air and some photos in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

My personal highlights were the two fashion shows. The first one was from all the indie brands that also had a stand during the event (I had applied too but didn't get in because there were so many). Here's a really good video of it.
The second fashion show featured Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Triple Fortune (with wigs provided by Lockshop).
I also recommend to have a look at the official photos herehere and here.

all the Btssb models

all the Triple Fortune models
Beforehand, I had known Triple Fortune mainly for their elaborate bonnets. While I really like them, I'm not sure whether I would wear one. But I was very intrigued by the skirts. The material is quite unusual, some kind of light, silky, unelastic fabric. I wasn't convinced when they hanged on the rack, but after I saw the fashion show I knew I needed this skirt!

I just fell in love with the unusal aubergine colour of the ruffles!
That evening, we were both a bit tired so all we did was going for dinner at a cute restaurant.

On sunday, there was a tea party organized, but we spared us from the hustle to get tickets and went to Disneyland instead. We met with a group of super nice Parisian Lolitas who also didn't attend the tea party. I've never been to Disneyland before, so I was really excited! The weather was very warm and sunny, so naturally there were a lot of other visitors, but it was nevertheless a great trip!

Can you tell I'm really happy? (^.^)
Dress: Meudsa Couture
Hat: handmade by me


our group! everyone looked so lovely (^.^)

Later, we went to the La Vie en Rose Afterparty, where we met some of the other Lolitas again. The small bar was very crowded, but nevertheless there was a lot of dancing on the (nonexistent) dancefloor (^_^) Lolitas know how to party!

Monday was already the last day of our stay. We decided to visit the Cimetière du Père Lachaise, as Lea hadn't seen it before. I like that place a lot, with all it's history and such.

In the afternoon, we went to see the Btssb shop and also Axes Femme, again. This time I couldn't resist and bought a bag from Axes Femme (*_*)
These are all my purchases from Paris:

Happy Lolita selife in front of the Baby shop

Since we had a little time left, we also paid Ladurée a visit. It's quite expensive, but totally worth it! I had some delicious pastry and amazing tea (which was called Marie Antoinette)

And then it was already time to catch the train home! It was a great weekend with a lot of amazing people, and I enjoyed my stay a lot. It inspired me to wear (even) more often Lolita and travel to more places I haven't seen yet (^.^)

Sonntag, 8. März 2015

I Don't Care If You Don't

Hi cuties,

I'm currently writing about my short trip to Paris, but that'll take a while. So in the meantime, here are some recent outfits of mine:

Longtop: handmade by me
Lace collar & leggings: Ebay
Cupcake necklace: Etsy
Shoes: Yumentenbo

Hat: H&M
Shirt: Darkside
Shoes: Vögele

Cardigan: Chicorée
Dress: handmade by me

Hat: H&M
Dress: handmade by me
Shoes: Converse

Montag, 2. März 2015

Book Challenge February

Hello Lovelies,

of course I used my last days of the semester break not only for spending a lot of time with my sewing machine, but also for reading. And naturally, I'd like to present you with what I occupied my mind with:

Probably not as impressing as in January, but hey, I do other things besides reading too (^.-)

Guido Hofenbitzer - Bekleidung: Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode (German, 368p.)

Let's start with a book that is not really literature, I didn't "read" it in the classical sense. But I'd like to mention it here because I do like to improve my sewing skills, and besides online tutorials I prefer to buy books on the matter. Like this I can learn on my own terms and pace, and exactly what I want to learn, instead of attending an overpriced class - but that's only my opinion, it's just the most comfortable for me because I'm an autodidact.
So this book explains the basics of pattern construction for women's outer garments (so any womenswear except for undergarnments). I can highly recommend it if you already know a bit about sewing, since it only covers the pattern making and not the actual cutting and sewing part, also I think it's an advantage to follow the steps if you have some experience on how patterns look like and work. Other than that, the steps are explained well and it covers pretty much every garment and its alterations, so the investion was definitively worth it for me. I'm looking forward to actually try and make my own patterns from scratch!

Michelle Halbheer - Platzspitzbaby (German, 206p.)

- A book with a one-word title
- A book based on a true story

Michelle was born as daughter of a heroin addict who was part of the open drug scene during the 80ies in Zurich and grew up seeing and experiencing things no child should ever be exposed to. It is an amazing story of a really really strong girl who had to grow up early in order to survive. Now, with 29, she told her story to a journalist who wrote the book for her. While it's easy to read, the content touched me all the more, as it's written in quite figurative language.
It made me also think about drug politics in Switzerland, or rather the lack thereof, as there are still children left with their addicted parents. This happens, just as with Michelle, under the pretext that the child would help the parent with the fight against the addiction, while it's clear that they can't even take responsibility for their own life, left alone for a child.

M.E. Thomas - Confessions of a Sociopath (English, 321p.)

M.E. Thomas is a law professor, a trained musician, a successful woman, and a sociopath. After running the blog for a while, she wanted to share her whole life story. It's really interesting to read about her inner thoughts, how her logic works, and, what astonished me, how insecure she's felt for years, before she came to accept her fate as a sociopath and started the blog in order to seek contact to like-minded people. Our society likes to present this stereotype of the cold-minded psychopath (Thomas uses the two terms interchangeably as they actually mean the same). What hardly ever anyone speaks about is that sociopaths often feel left out, because they think differently, no matter their (assumed) lack of moral values.
The book is well researched and entertaining to read, although I had to look up a few words. I certainly learned a bit more about other peoples minds, something that's always of great interest for me.

Erin Morgenstern - The Night Circus (English, 512p.)

- A book with more than 500 pages

I got curious about this book as it kept appearing on my tumblr, and so I decided to buy it, since the booklovers on tumblr have great taste in general. And I was not disappointed!
The Night Circus arrives at night, without warning. Inside its gates are the most wonderful things to see, every tent exhibits another sensation. One might almost think it's magical...
I highly enjoyed all the descriptions of this extraordinary circus, it's occupants and surroundings. The only thing that bothered me is that the story is not told chronologically, but in the beginning of every chapter, a different time and place are indicated. It all comes together in an unity in the end, but for the first half of the book I was constantly confused and had to go back and forth, also because there are a lot of characters involved. But that's a great excuse to read the book again! (^.^)

And that's the status quo of my reading challenge! Still a long way to go (and it's already March! Where did the first two months of the year go?)

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

If I Had the Chance I'd Ask the World to Dance

Hey dollies,

next week university starts again, so i'm spending my last week of the semester break with sewing and enjoying the great winter weather (^.^)
Therefore I have not much to show you, expect for two outfits!

On sunday, I wore my new jsk for the first time. I decided to coordinate it with brown and embrace the deer theme (*_*). The length of the dress is still unusual, and maybe I need a long petti now, too (I was wearing a regular one on hip height to give the dress at least a bit poof).

Knitted hat: KayiLa Fashion
Collar: CuteLou Couture
Cardigan & belt: handmade by me
Necklace: Moon Bunny
Dress: Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio
Boots: Vagabond
serious selfie for once (^.-)

The second outfit was not really an outfit, but just some clothes I put on to run errands (that's why my hair is so messy). However, I felt really cute and comfy, also I love this sweater, so I took a pic anyways.

Sweater: Sheinside
Boots: Vagabond
I've always loved the combination of shorts over tights, but hardly ever felt self-confident enough to actually wear it. I had no idea it's much more fun to just not give a fuck and wear whatever I want anyways!