Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Last Minute

Hey dolls,

I'm very very excited right now, not only because university started again this week, but even more because I'll be flying to London on friday!!
I've never been there before (a shame, I know), the reason why I'm going now is that there''ll be a big Lolita tea party: The Tea Party Club celebrates it's 7th Anniversary, called Revelry, and I'm very honoured to have a stand there, where I'll be selling dresses and accessoires from my etsy-shop Medusa Couture.

So these past weeks, I've been busy preparing my stand and actually had already planned my outfits. But then I felt like wearing these shoes (haven't put them on for quite a while), probably because of all the excitement about London  and Britain and anyways (^.^)

 Btw; yes that's me wearing jeans - omg right? ^^

The shoes are not only extremely awesome, but they also inspired me to make a new dress for London. Not that I would have any time to spare, but I've always always wanted to go to London and the UK in general, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to express my devotion. Go big or go home, right?

I'm super happy with how it turned out. I didn't line it and I didn't have a lot of time, so the inside looks quite messy, but no one sees that anyways. I'll probably sew another layer of chiffon under the bottom ruffle, as you can see, the (white) petticoat is visible (>.<)

For the skirt part, I basically  made 3/4 of a British flag, gathered it and sewed it on the dress. I really like the asymetrical look with the two corners just casually hanging down.

I tried to photograph the Union Jack part, I hope it's visible at least a bit (^.^)

That's quite another type of English Patchwork (^.-)

I couldn't decide whether I wanted the lacing in the back to be white or black, so I took both and made a double lacing.
However, I had expected that the result would be a little more elaborate... like this it's rather a detail, but I like it nevertheless.

The bow on the top is sewn on a pin, so I can remove  and relocate it. Naturally I couldn't resist to match it with the skirt (^.^)

Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Lemon Cake

Hi my dears,

I think I have mentioned on several occasions already that I'm very very fond of hats. Some time ago, I bought and decorated two big straw hats, which I still like to wear. Unfortunately, they are indeed quite big and I never had a proper space to store them. I looked around for hat boxes, but everything I found was either not large enough, too ugly or too expensive. 
So obviously I started thinking about making a hat box by myself. Natron then wrote on her blog about how to make fabric-covered cardboard boxes (you can find the original tutorial here. It's written in German, but I think the pictures are quite self-explanatory), which do not only look very pretty, but are also easy to make from inenxpensve materials. Definively my favourite kind of tutorial!
I just changed the shape of my box, since it should be round in the end. For the fabric, I chose one with a very pretty lemon print, which I orignially bought to make a dress with but never managed to because I couldn't settle for a cut I liked, so it kept lying around and taking up space.

I sewed the seams on the rims of the box and the lid with the sewing machine, but naturally I had to make the seams on the edges by hand. Since this seam remained visible, I hid it under an ornamental trim which I simply glued on top of it. Neat, right?

I'm very happy how it turned out, especially how well the box goes with the fabric. Although it keeps reminding me a little of a giant lemon cake (^.^)

For the lining, I took a matching light-green fabric, which was also intended for the never-to-be-made dress.

In case you wondered: yes, it is quite large.
The circumference was given, obviously, by the size of the straw hats. But I must admit, I kind of miss-estimated the height when I planned the box, so it turned out bigger than I expected. However, this mistake doesn't seem to be a fatal one, because now I can stuff all my hats, knitted caps and also my styropor head into it, which makes my room look much more tidy!

Of course, it wouldn't be me if I hadn't seized the opportunity to aquire yet another hat (*.*)
H&M had a lovely selection of bowler-shaped straw hats, so I just couldn't resist to buy one, especially since H&M is so kind to produce hats in different sizes, of which the largest one actually fits my head!

I decorated it with some offwhite cotton lace, fake roses and a tiny bird (^.^)
I love how it turned out, since it matches my current style quite well, some mixture of casual classic lolita and mori girl, so I happened to wear it a lot this summer!

Freitag, 12. September 2014

Visitons Lausanne

Hi cuties,

back in June, I made plans to visit Pyl in Lausanne, because - shockingly - I've never really been there before, although it's a very interesting city, cultural and otherwise.
So on short-notice it became a mini-lolita-meet-up, we were six girls in the end, three from the french- and three from the german-speaking part of Switzerland.
Pyl gave us a superb city tour, so I'd like to share some impressions with you! 

First, we had lunch at Zoo Burger, I had this delicious veggie burger (^.^) yummy!

Afterwards, some of us fancied a dessert, so we stopped at this cute frozen yoghurt place called GeA.

Well fed and happy, we then proceeded to the beautiful park Mon Repos, where we also took some pictures. The weather was incredibly good (although too hot for me), so I had decided to wear a casual sweet outfit.

Outfit rundown:
Cutsew & skirt: handmade by me
Shoes: Antaina
Accessoires: Claire's, MoonBunny, Mademoiselle Oppossum

Les filles romandes: Cécilia, Pyl & Svetlana
Les filles suisse-allemandes: me, Magali & Lea
Our adorable guide then took us to the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne (yes, that's the official name!), which is not only the greatest gothic building in Switzerland, but also incredibly beautiful. If you happen to be in Lausanne, don't miss going there!

Finally, our last stop led us to a super cute café called Cuppin's, where we enjoyed home-made iced tea and cupcakes (^.^)

Montag, 8. September 2014

Finish What You Started

Hi dolls,

once upon a time, a silly girl had the impression to have too much free time and therefor decided to start sewing an English patchwork quilt, eventually to be used as a bed cover. By hand. Some of you might remember that said girl (aka me) actually made it and fisnished the patchwork part of the project. Those who don't, here's a résumé of it.

After that, the unquilted quilt disappeared from my thoughts and into my cupboard. I just had other priorities. At least I managed to make two matching pillows at some point, initially to practice quilting by hand. However, I wasn't satisfied with the result and decided to quilt the actual piece with my sewing machine (after all, I do have a quilting foot for it, when was a better time to use it that for this proect?).

So finally this summer, I took it out again. My semster break lasts 3 months, I knew I wouldn't be travelling anywhere (unfortunately, but you can't have it all), and anything unfinished bothers me. I set myself the goal to finish it by the end of summer, and I succeeded! I'm also very happy with the result:

As I mentioned, it's all quilted by sewing machine. Probably not very historically correct, but I made up my own pattern and colours from the beginning anyways, so who cares.
I wanted to continue the discrepance between the graphic hexagons and the playful, ornamental pattern. Therefore, I sewed along the seams of the hexagons around the pink and darker green pieces, but made round ornaments on the lighter green pieces.

Since I love everything geometrical, I couldn't resist to mirror the quilting pattern so it would be symetrical and look the same on every side, even if that meant more work (and no one's going to notice anyways, but at least I have my peace of mind)

For the back side, I chose this gorgeous rose-patterned fabric. It matches great with the colours on the front side, the print doesn't compete with the patchwork, and it's not too graphic so it doesn't attract too much attention to the fact that I didn't work completely accurate (which is quite hard on such a large piece).

Samstag, 6. September 2014


Hello my dears.

since we're already talking about shopping; maybe some of you remember the resolution I took at the beginning of the year, which includes not to shop for a year.
Well, I must admit, I'm doing better than I expected xD. I purchased something at Hellocon, an order from qutieland arrived (which I had placed in december 2013, so it doesn't count), and I stumbled upon some Lolita dreamdresses which I couldn't help but buying (already mentioned, but this is something I allowed myself from the start).

At the beginning of summer (remeber, when it was really hot), I bought a bikini, which was kinda nescessairy. I hadn't bought a new bathing suit for ages and the old one was litteraly falling apart.

It's from modcloth and hence quite expensive, I saw it in spring and thought, "oh, if it was on sale, I could maybe afford it". BAM, some weeks later it was indeed on sale, and I couldn't resist anymore. It's so beautiful and worth every penny. The colour! The tiny (embroidered!) anchors! And it fits like a glove. It's great the top and the bottom are sold seperately, so you can make sure to get the right size. Honestly, if  I could, I would spend sooo much money on modcloth, they sell so many amazing things *sigh*

But that's not the only thing I purchased. Those who know me know I have a big big weakness for shoes. So despite all, these are the shoes I got so far this year:

T-straps by Deichmann.
You probably spotted them already in my outfit post last week. I bought them when I went to Hamburg with my family during Ascension and realized I had forgotten to bring some elegant shoes with me... we went to see the Lion King Musical and I couldn't possibly wear chucks! Back at home I found them to be not only very comfortable, but also astonishing versatile. The colour is somewhat beige-greyish and goes with almost everything, not to mention the cute style and convenient heel height, so I'm wearing them quite often and didn't regret this purchase once (^.^)

High heels in light pink by Pin Up Couture.
This brand makes the most adorable shoes, and despite the ridicoulously high heels they are not that hard to walk in. I ordered them after I had sold some things over my etsy shop and didn't know what to do with all that money, haha.

Sandals from Deichmann again.
I've been wearing a lot of casual classic lolita/mori/whatever style this summer, and these shoes just went perfectly with my outfits without making my feet melt (I'm not a summer person, I despise the heat).

Mint Lolita shoes from Antaina.
I ordered them on qutieland last year, but they have a looooong producing and shipping duration, so they only arrived in march or something. They're very comfortable and I love mint anyways, so no regrets again (^.^)

Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Did Someone Say Obsession?

Hey cuties,

sometimes, Lolitas have the habit to develop a strong affection toward certain prints or dresses, usally from Japanese brands, commonly called dream dresses.

Naturally, I'm no different. One of my favourite prints is the so-called Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Last year, I could get the Chocolita jsk in pink, but my collector's mind wouldn't rest until I also had the Chocolièrre jsk in beige. And here it is!

It's so amazingly beautiful!
I know, I know. There's a high possibilty that you're not sharing my enthusiasm, so I'd like to explain a little further, if you don't mind.
First of all the name; I've always loved both fairytales and chocolate (Swiss girl, you name it).
Btssb is one of my favourite brands ever since I saw and read Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto (a must book and film for every decent Lolita).
And, most important, the print itself. It's easiest to just show it, so prepare yourself for an image overflow! (^.^)

And because I'm such a show-off  so incredibly happy, both of the dresses:

anyone wanna twin?

fun fact, the prints aren't quite of the same colour!

Is it crazy that I feel like I have to get the skirt in brown too, otherwise my collection isn't complete?
I'm not too fond of the black colourway, but the brown one... *sighing wistfully*